Flying geese

(Photo credit Tim Laman)
Hi Lover-Girl,

That sweet endearment just came to mind. My Daddy, your Pops, used it with me and I just assimilated it into my heart.

Today, I start my travel for the year. It’s going to be another busy one, I think. I love the adventure of frequent travel. It’s been about a month since my last work trip, which is long for me. New clothes means I had to try on pants last night to make sure I didn’t need to hem anything. Not that I would have hemmed anything last night! Packing my suitcase takes about 10 minutes as long as laundry is put away and I’ve filled anything that needed filling after I got home from the last trip, which I’m pretty good about. Really don’t like running out of Tylenol, tho running to the store for more isn’t a big deal.

We haven’t even left the gate and already had a medical emergency. I hope he’s OK. I always wonder about those kind of things. Was he already sick and just thought he could muscle through, did something happen suddenly. Hope he’s OK. Thankful he received attention here on the ground before getting into the air! A delay is just not the end of the world, ever!

I went to the Container Store today. I LOVE that place. I know you did, too. I remember you organizing your Stampin’Up stuff. You were so excited to score the standing drawer thing in the clearance section!! Since then, I always check out the clearance corner, just in case… Elfa is on sale! I could Elfa the world! Well, if I had unlimited funds, I could Elfa the world! That stuff is SOOOO expensive. But I did get a couple of things for my closet. Score!

Today is so much warmer than it’s been the rest of the week. I love watching the water run in the gullies in the street as the snow all melts. Miniature waves, coursing around miniature obstacles. Your Grandpa should be happy about the little bit warmer weather. He’s jealous I’m headed to Houston where it will be in the upper 70s!

Honey, I’ve thought of you so much in the last couple of days, the geese are BUSY. Not sure which direction they’re flying, but great groups of them. You always were so excited when the geese started flying south, confirmation for you that summer was wrapping up and winter was coming. I don’t remember you being as excited about their turn north. You preferred the winter to the heat of the summer.

Today I’m thankful for medical personnel available to assist, aisle seats when the plane has to sit on the ground for awhile, easy packing, new pants that didn’t need to be hemmed, geese and they’re travels, the robins that have been hanging around, waves from Marno, I think, as she loved the robins. Antibiotics when necessary, since your brother has either pneumonia or bronchitis. That boy!

I’m thankful for storage solutions, cool ideas, some disposable income to buy something I really don’t need. Blessings abound.

I am thankful for today!!


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