Busy Weekend

Hi Sweetness,

What a busy weekend, full of fun things. Cirque du Soleil, Stock Show. I so enjoyed the different sights and thoughts of the weekend. I really need differing stimuli, on a regular basis.

The egg is Ovo! I never did really figure out the point of the egg…They never opened it, and really didn’t refer to it much. But wow, those performers. Acrobats and gymnasts and aerialist. So amazing. I marvel at the strength and the flexibility, and the strength and flexibility combined!! I get flexible, I get strong, but the combination of the 2 is mind boggling and beautiful. I’m thankful for the laughter, the awe, the visual beauty. The climbing wall was amazing; hanging, crawling, sideways, upside down, mesmerizing!


Then the stock show. The National Western Stock Show, no less. As a kid, we went every year. Marno loved the horse show and also the Mexican rodeo. Her Grandfather used to come into town from Gunnison and trade here. We would go and wander the barns, looking at the cows and horses, sheep and goats. The bunnies and chicks were in the children’s section, where the petting zoo always was. And the trade show, with things a city girl never saw, in day to day life. So interesting. I found a picture of the Coliseum grounds from 1952. Before my time, before I-70. They always have so many things going at once, rodeos, wild west shows, circus food, animal barns. And it was fun to eat a turkey leg with roasted corn, while walking in the snow, because it’s not the stock show if it’s not cold and snowing!


I’m thankful for different sights and sounds and smells. I’m thankful for great nephews to watch enjoy those sights and sounds and smells.I’m thankful for elders able to participate, including sitting time. I’m thankful for circus food and circus people and horsemen and women, doing marvelous things.

I’m thankful for today!!


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