Hospitals and waiting

Hi Ladybug,

Today your Grandpa had knee replacement surgery. They actually called him this morning, earlier than we had planned to leave, to let him know the first case had been canceled and could he come early? WTH?! That never happens. So we did! They had him into surgery probably 90 mins early. Surgery took about 2.5 hours and then he was in recovery for 5 hours since there wasn’t an available bed on the floor! Hurry up and wait is so usual. We’ve all heard of Island Time. Well, there is also hospital time!! And it mostly involves waiting!

I brought a bunch of computer work with me and got quite a bit done. Still more to do, but I’ll sit with him through the afternoon tomorrow, so will try to get some more done, then. Waiting some more. He’s doing really well. He is one tough, old bird.

As I spent the day in the hospital setting today, I wandered into thoughts of you, periodically. But really connected with all that hospital time with you as I was leaving for the last time tonight. Broken clouds, residual daylight, cool air, spring scents, and a quick catch in my chest as I remember your distaste for hospital time. You were not a girl who was in the dirt much, but you really needed your nature time. Even just breathing real air, not filtered, pretend air. I took a deep breath of the spring air for you, tonight.


I’m thankful Grandpa’s surgery is over.

I’m thankful for today!!


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