Northern California in the spring

Hey Girl!

Been thinking about you with each breath this week. Let’s be honest, I think about you with each breath, every week. But sometimes, I just have more I want to share with you. This is one of those weeks.

I’m in Northern California for work this week. Specifically Rohnert Park, CA. Sunday, when I came in, I had the whole afternoon/evening to myself. So I checked into my hotel and then headed toward the ocean. There is a place here, called Bodega Bay. I. Love. That. Name!! It just sounds like a cool place.

It is a cool place. I happened to be there as the tide was finishing it’s sweep into the ocean. The bay must be pretty shallow, except for the channels for the boats, because much of it was above water line. That marshy look, that the herons and egrets love. That washing out, where the little food stuffs are easy pickings.


I ate dinner in a local restaurant called The Tide. Delicious Clam Chowder. Yum. I got to eat my dinner and watch the water. The Great Herons fishing, the ducks and geese paddling around, foraging for dinner, the shrimp boats coming home in the channel. After dinner I took a walk in a nature area.

Northern CA has had a ton of rain. Destructive rain. It hasn’t rained since I’ve been here, so I think that weather pattern might have mitigated, at least a  bit. However, the rain means the succulents are in glorious bloom. These plants are everywhere in California. They survive the often drought-like conditions here, and even in drought, they sporadically bloom. But the fields of them were in FULL bloom this day.


I enjoyed the drive, the dinner, the bay, the birds and the flowers. Balm for the travel-weary!

Yesterday I had the chance to drive the other direction. I set my gps for Napa. The drive was gorgeous, the traffic, horrendous!! Aside from the communities, there are just fields and fields, so I’m not sure where all these people were coming or going. Surely a random Tuesday in February isn’t prime tourist season, so I can only imagine all these people had a reason for being on the roads!

But the rolling hills and fields of vines are fascinating. It is early spring, yet, so the vines still look pretty much dormant. Each different vineyard does it a little differently. Different varieties of grapes have different stalks and stake patterns. I have no idea which is which, but I can tell they are different.

And the babies! Baby horses, baby lambs. Babies!!

Miss you, Honey! You would have loved it!


I’m thankful for today!!


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